Student Gap Year Placements - Jobs and Work Experience

Gap year job placements give you the chance to intern in your desired field. You spend your year away from school working for the company of your choosing. If you're hoping for a job in journalism, your gap year jobs entail working for a magazine or newspaper. Someone interested in a degree in computer engineering will work for a computer company.

Gap year job internships do not necessary pay a salary. This is usually up to the individual employer. You are often given college credits and gain invaluable experience doing hands-on work in the field you wish to enter.

Examples of Gap Year Jobs

Gap year placements for those interested in teaching degrees usually entails heading to an impoverished community where you help teach school-aged children. With these gap year placements, you live with a host family and assist orphanage workers or school teachers educated and supervise the children. You may head to Africa or some gap year students head to South America. Either way, you end up gaining experience in an educational setting.

Those considering becoming doctors or nurses can spend their gap year heading overseas to help with licensed doctors. Often, their gap year jobs involve simple tasks that help doctors and nurses. It may be as simple as changing sheets on a bed or something more complex like sterilizing patient rooms. This does give you a taste of the field of medicine that will help you in your education.

Look into midwifery gap year experience. Many mid-wives take on gap year students that help her with her job while giving you a first-hand view into the world of home births. Gap Medics Tanzania offer gap year job placements to students interested in midwifery. You work in along side midwives in hospitals and in the field.

Gap Year 365 Job Placements

Companies like Gap Year 365 help match students to full- and part-time gap year jobs. These gap year placements may be located in the United States, though you can also apply for gap year work in other countries.

Find a current listing of gap year jobs at Gap Year 365. Visit their website for more information.

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