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North American residents save money planning their gap year in the USA. By staying close to home, you save a bundle on travel expenses. Whether you choose an internship or volunteer for a local organization, an American gap year is both rewarding and inexpensive.

Surprisingly, many colleges now promote bridge year programs between high school and college. It gives students a year to refresh from the rigors of high school and dip their feet into the working world. This is especially beneficial to teens who are uncertain what they want to do for a living or need time to mature before tackling the fast-paced college world. By sampling different volunteer and intern positions, they can find what they truly love and what they can't tolerate. By the time a gap year is over, many teens are eager to return to school and study their new found passion.

Starting Your Search for Gap Year USA Programs

One of the best places to start a search for America and Canada gap year volunteering is Americorps. You choose the subject that most interests you and the area where you would like to go. The website delivers a list of projects looking for volunteers. Spend your gap year in America doing volunteer work in your own or other states.

For example, you could head to Dallas and volunteer at a mobile soup kitchen helping train homeless men and women so that they can find jobs and get off the streets. Or, head to Alaska and help develop grants or interview Native American elders and transcribe their stories and recipes so that they're never forgotten overtime.

Volunteers who spend a gap year working for Americorps earn the Segal Americorps Education Award. You get upwards of $5,300 (the amount varies depending on the value of the Pell Grant) for working full-time for Americorps during your gap year in the USA. Use that money to pay for college. Many colleges will match your Segal Americorps Education Award doubling the money you save off your college tuition.

Spending a Gap Year in Canada

Imagine spending your gap year training to be a ski patrol member in the Canadian Rockies. Other options include learning to ski and snowboard in Banff so that you can work as a ski instructor during your gap year. You receive training and your exam fees are included in the price. During your gap year Canada experience, you live in a furnished chalet with other gap year travelers. Visit Gap Year Canada for more information.

American citizens apply for a Student Work Abroad Program. You receive a work permit good for six months providing you are an American citizen and are under the age of 31.

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