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Become a gap year volunteer between high school and college. Many colleges promote taking a year off from studies to experience the world around you. During this year, you can earn college credit for your participation in cultural exchanges or voluntary work. You gain immeasurable experience helping others and may even find a career you love.

Gap year voluntary work is often rewarding and becomes a life-long passion. During your year helping others, you can travel the world, enjoy new experiences and make lasting friendships.

Teach Impoverished Children During Your Gap Year

GVI offers the chance to live in Ecuador for a full year. You live with a family in Otavalo and spend anywhere from three months to a full year teaching the poverty-stricken children English. Part of your gap year voluntary work requires you to learn the basics of the Portuguese and Spanish languages, so you gain an education too. Call 888-653-6028 for more information.

With Volunteer Kenya, you head to Kenya where you live with a host family and help teach young children. You work with trained teachers, so you needn't already have a teaching degree. Many gap year volunteer workers are teens who want to gain degrees in teaching. Because you live with a family from the community, you may end up learning a little Swahili too. Learn more at Volunteer Kenya.

Gap Year Volunteer Work Involving Animals

GVI offers an exciting conservation program that brings you to warm and sunny Greece. Spend three months helping to protect Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests. You'll monitor nesting activity, protect the nests from predators and watch nests to make sure they are out of reach of the tide. During this gap year voluntary program, you life in a beach campsite where you have access to toilets, showers, stores, phones and a restaurant. Call 888-653-6028 for prices.

Stay closer to home and work for the USA Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico. Gap year volunteers spend approximately three months feeding wolves, socializing the animals, cleaning their cages, giving guided tours of the facility and performing maintenance. You must be 21 to participate in this program. Call Real Gap at 866-939-9088 for details.

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