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Children who want to excel at a chosen sport or physical skill primarily attend summers sports camps. Camps of this type allow kids to work on their sportsmanship, athleticism and skills. They are also a great means of helping children acquire discipline when it comes to practice.

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As children advance into adolescence, they can lose the drive and determination to practice and work at their skill or gift. Sports camps provide the practice structure that your child may not create or stick to on his own.

By immersing children in practice sessions every day, young campers will be rewarded daily by the effort they are putting in, and often experience a renewed enthusiasm for their sport. And for the youngster who isn't challenged in his or her school environment, a sports camp is a great place to compete against those who are on a similar ability.

Sports Camps

Send your child to a specialized residential camp for one or two weeks if he or she loves a particular sport and wants to advance in a game or skill - but take extra care to make sure they're truly ready for the intensity of a single-focus sports camp. It may be, depending on the age and experience of your son or daughter, than participation in a traditional camp environment should occur before a commitment to a sports camp program.

Name a sport and there's a camp for it, though the classics - baseball, football and basketball - continually top the list. If your child's gung ho about tennis, golf, skateboarding, swimming, diving, snowboarding, running, goalkeeping, lacrosse, hockey – if your child has an interest in physical activity, individual or team, there will be no shortage of camps for you to choose from.

Consult a sports camp directory for detailed listings on camp offerings and locales. Check the sport you're interested in by searching online or consulting with other parents who've been there, done that. Talk to the athletic staff at your child's school, or see what your town's recreational department is programming for the summer school break.

Programs geared for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels are ready and waiting for applications to come in! Include your prospective camper in the search for the right camp – taking his or her viewpoint into consideration will only serve to make the final experience more valuable and enjoyable.

YMCA camps, Little League, professional athletes and sports teams, colleges and universities, even sportswear manufacturers (Nike, Adidas), offer specialty sports camps for kids. Your son or daughter's high school probably offers day camps for payers who will compose or try out for next year's teams, and offer similar programs for younger athletes.

Working hard and playing hard - it's never too early to promote the benefits a sports camp - physical fitness, individual responsibility, self-confidence and sportsmanship.

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