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There are several factors to consider when selecting a lacrosse camp for your child - location, sleep away or daytime only – but those decisions are often based on logistics. The greater consideration should be given to type of lacrosse program that will best fit your child's needs.

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Once you've hammered out the geographic, budgetary, and residential requirements, you need explore what type of camp your child should attend.

  • Is he or she a novice player who needs to learn basic skills? Or has your son or daughter already played for few years and now needs some individual attention to advance to the next level?
  • Does your child need concentrated instruction on a particular position, or does he want a camp that will showcase his talents in front of college recruiters?

Sports Camps
General Instruction Camps

At general instruction camps, focus is on skills, drills and rules of the game. Better camps will offer individualized instruction based on the camper's position and ability level. Usually camps of this nature include positional drills and skill development, followed up at the end of each day with a game.

Game Camps

Game camps are organized for experienced players who are already involved in competitive lacrosse at the junior or high school level. Campers may be divided into teams at the start of camp. Other game camps are geared to host entire high school teams. Game camps provide a great opportunity for players to pack in a lot of playing time in a short period of time.

Position Camps

Position camps are designed to enhance skills important for each lacrosse field position. Like many sports, lacrosse has become increasingly specialized. And, like other sports, skill levels are also increasing.At a position camp, college players who play the same positions will likely instruct young athletes. Some camps are set up as general instruction camps, with "mini camp" position workshops. Other camps are devoted solely to a position - a goalie camp, for example.

Recruiting Camps

There are two basic types of recruiting camps: One is where collegiate-level coaches attend and observe up-and-coming high school athletes. The second type is actually operated by the college coaching staff where it is situated. Recruiting camps are generally recommended for lacrosse players entering their junior and senior years in high school.

Take into account what your child hopes to gain from his or her experience at lacrosse camp, and select a camp that will promote those goals.

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