Soccer Camps - A Summer Soccer Camp for Girls and Boys

Attending a soccer camp during the summer or school breaks is a good way to sharpen skills, have fun and make friends.

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The popularity of girls getting into soccer, and resulting enrollment in soccer camps, is directly related to success of women's Olympic teams and growth of the women's professional soccer league.

Soccer players should be introduced to the game at an early age, and this can happen through school- or community-sponsored soccer day camps. For very young beginners, boys and girls between 4 and 6, who are just being exposed to the game and its rules, a general education soccer camp may provide just the right amount of instruction and playing time to further your child's interest without wearing them out.

For older children who've already been through the day camp route, a residential soccer camp may be the next step toward advancing their game. These camps generally offer more hours of instruction, sometimes even adding a night session, and are more physically demanding and challenging for the participants.

For teenage players who are hoping to play in a college setting, consider enrollment in a camp hosted by the college or university he or she is considering. A week or two on campus, under the guidance of college coaching staff and athletes, should give your son or daughter real exposure to the potential demands of participating in a college sport, and a feel for campus life in general.

Some camps focus on skill building in a particular position – goalie camps, for example. Participants in a goalie camp will get individualized instruction, video analysis and drills that exceed the level of instruction through a general soccer camp.

Many serious soccer players in their junior and senior years of high school opt for a college-hosted or college-sponsored soccer camp since it also provides a great opportunity to be observed by collegiate coaches for possible recruitment, which is allowable by the NCAA.

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