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Find the best divorce attorney to represent your property and family interests. Learn about divorce law procedures, how to prepare your divorce forms, how to create a realistic divorce settlement and more.

Why Spend Money In Court - Pricing

Quick Divorce Or Long-Drawn Fight?
In a complicated divorce, an experienced divorce attorney can be indispensable. Since there are many divorce attorneys who could represent you, it is valuable to use a systematic selection process to find the best divorce lawyer you can afford.

A quick divorce strategy will concentrate your thinking and force your attorney into meaningful and timely action.

Locating Top Divorce Advice From Friends And Professionals
First, ask family, friends and associates about their experience with a particular divorce attorney. You should be able to compile a list of potential divorce attorneys in your area. A divorce lawyer that represents both men and women may be preferred because of the insights gained from the breadth of his/her experience.

While word of mouth can produce some bona fide leads, you may be reluctant to consult family or friends because your questions might broadcast your predicament, which in certain circumstances could backfire on you. If settlement and divorce is a sensitive subject within your immediate circle, there are professional organizations (American Bar Association - Family Law Section, the bar association of your state, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers) that provide services to locate a good divorce lawyer. Other non divorce attorneys in your area are also excellent sources for leads.

Second, you want a local attorney (located in your city or the county in which you plan to file the divorce), that knows the local divorce law procedures and the judges that you are likely to encounter. While divorce laws apply state-wide, different divorce courts may emphasize different aspects of that divorce law. Your attorney should be knowledgeable about those different applications or interpretations.

Third, what is the level of expertise of your potential divorce attorney. During the initial consultation you should ask questions such as "how long have you been practicing divorce law (at least 10 years is desirable)? How does the divorce process work? Will you provide references? How long will the divorce take?

What role (time, rate) will your paralegal play in the divorce? How much will my divorce cost? What rates do you charge? Do you require a retainer? Or, you might also ask "what percentage of your practice is dedicated to divorce law (at least 80% is desirable)?" Over the last year, what percentage of your divorce cases settled versus went to trial (settlement of a divorce costs considerably less than a trial)?


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