Maryland Divorce Attorney - Maryland Divorce Law Clarified

Get the best Maryland divorce attorney for your divorce action. Protect your family and property interests by using a performance-oriented Maryland divorce lawyer experienced in Maryland divorce law.

Why Spend Money In Court - Pricing

Unique State Divorce Laws
Maryland divorce law is similar in its practices and procedures to the divorce laws in many other states.

The purpose of retaining an experienced Maryland divorce attorney in a complicated Maryland divorce is to ensure that the local nuances of Maryland divorce law (in such localities as Baltimore, Annapolis or Columbia) are used to your advantage.

Retaining the best Maryland divorce lawyer means that your family and property interests are being protected. It is preferable to retain a local Maryland divorce attorney who has experience with local divorce procedures.

Consider The Divorce Mediation Option
If you hire an attorney, there is no established rule that requires you to go through an expensive divorce trial. For instance, your Maryland lawyer may recommend that you consider divorce mediation as an alternative to a trial. Under Maryland divorce law, mediation of custody issues is expressly deemed to be in the self interest of the children to the dispute. If neither of the divorce participants seeks mediation, the Maryland divorce court may specifically require it unless there is a history of sexual abuse against the child or children of the marriage.

If you do not have a Maryland divorce attorney at the outset of the divorce, and the divorce has some difficult or complicated aspects to it (custody, support, alimony or division of marital assets), then you should considerat retaining a divorce attorney.

After you have identified suitable candidates through word of mouth or through research of professional organizations, you should take the time to interview one or more of the Maryland divorce lawyers.

The initial consultation with an attorney should be free. During the initial consultation you should ask questions such as "how long have you been practicing divorce law (at least 10 years is desirable)? Will you provide references?

Over the last year, what percentage of your divorce cases settled versus went to trial (settlement of a divorce costs considerably less than a trial)? How does the divorce process work? How much will my divorce cost?

Or, you might also ask "what percentage of your practice is dedicated to divorce law (at least 80% is desirable)?" What role (time, rate) will your paralegal play in the divorce? What rates do you charge? Do you require a retainer? How long will the divorce take?

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