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Learn about the key divorce documents for your family law case. A divorce attorney can help you prepare the necessary legal divorce papers that will protect your property and family rights at the outset, during and after a divorce.

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Divorce Process Clarified
A divorce document is broadly defined as any legal document drafted for the divorce process. Selecting the right legal divorce document for your particular divorce needs goes to the heart of how you intend to proceed with your divorce.

You may need a divorce document form for a simplified divorce, separation or final divorce decree.

Selecting the right legal divorce document for your situation can facilitate your divorce. Selecting the wrong divorce document can slow down, or even prevent, your divorce. Getting sound advice as to which document you need, and when, goes to the essence of proceeding with a divorce.

Free Divorce Forms

Standardized divorce documents are readily available, many for free, including packets of legal divorce documents available at your local courthouse for a simple divorce. Standardized divorce documents may not be suitable for the nuances of your situation.

There are online divorce services that first ask you questions about your residency and marital questions, help you to select the right divorce document for your situation, then walk you through the process of filling in the divorce document to prepare it for filing by you. More on Online Divorce

In more complicated divorce settlements, retaining an experienced divorce lawyer to prepare your divorce documents is a prudent step in order to protect your property and family interests in a contested divorce.

If you intend to use off the shelf divorce documents, it is advisable to first have a basic understanding of the elements required for a divorce in the jurisdiction where you plan to pursue your case. Residency requirements and grounds for divorce in New York are not the same as those for New Jersey. If there are children of the marriage or significant marital assets that need to be divided, off the shelf divorce documents may not be suitable for your purposes.

Many states now have simple divorce procedures for which the court provides divorce forms for your use. The court clerks will help you identify the right legal divorce document, but they are not permitted to help you fill out the forms. Upon return of the simplified documents for filing, a court clerk may review the submitted document for completeness, but it is the divorce court's responsibility to determine that the document submitted is acceptable.

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