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Learn how to obtain a quick divorce. Save time and money while conforming with state divorce laws by using online and divorce document kits.

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Expedite Your Divorce Process
A quick divorce can be measured in weeks but requires the consent and cooperation of both spouses.

If there are any outstanding issues that one of the spouses wants resolved, the likelihood of a quick divorce is undermined. If there are no unresolved issues, a cheap quick divorce is readily available.

It is still possible to get a quick divorce in many parts of the world. Such divorces can be arranged both with and without an attorney.

Out Of Country Divorce Support Resources
A quick divorce can be obtained off-shore in a matter of weeks with no residency requirement in such locations as Guam, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Mexico.

Generally, such off-shore jurisdictions will not deal with child custody or marital asset issues. A Separation Agreement between the parties is needed to deal with such collateral issues.

The cost of such off-shore divorces can run several hundred dollars if processed through a divorce law office specializing in off-shore divorces. The validity of off-shore divorces remains murky. If you decide to proceed with an off-shore divorce in order to get a cheap quick divorce, check the credentials and references of the divorce law firm or lawyer processing your divorce.

There are many online do it yourself divorce kits that can take you through the step-by-step process for preparing a set of papers for a quick divorce. Some online divorce papers are free; others provide papers at a minimal cost. Such free or minimally priced divorce papers are most effective in a simple case, not involving custody or financial issues, and where the parties mutually consent to the proposed divorce. It may be possible to accommodate complicating marital issues, but such contentious issues tend to slow down the basis for a quick divorce.

Many states now recognize the no fault divorce principle. If it is asserted in such jurisdictions that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, or some other recognized term of art is asserted, a quick divorce is attainable when both parties consent to the divorce.


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