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Your first plan of attack following an AZ DUI arrest must be to contact an expert. Logically, you wouldn't try to fix an electrical short unless you were a certified electrician, so why risk attempting to fight DUI charges without the right experience? Only an expert Peoria DUI attorney has the knowledge and expertise to help make sense of the charges and come up with a plan of attack to reduce or eliminate the charges you face.

Arizona is tough against drivers who are under the influence. Stiff fines, mandatory jail time and lengthy periods for driver's license loss or restrictions are common. Police officers simply make arrests, they are not there to look at your specific circumstances and DUI offenses are not one-size fits all. Trust in Peoria DUI lawyers to fight for a sentence that fits the crime.

Contact Corso & Rhude Peoria DUI Lawyers

Peoria DUI lawyers Corso and Rhude have years of experience handling DUI cases. As former DUI prosecutors, they've seen both sides and knows the ins and outs of every case. They work with you to find a fair solution to the charges you face.

Contact their West Union Hills Drive office in Peoria for a free consultation. They can be reached at 408-471-4616. You can also visit their website and request an online evaluation at www.corsorhude.com.

Phillips & Associates Peoria DUI Attorneys

Phillips & Associates is one of the largest law firms in Arizona. They have offices in many locations, including the Arrowhead/Peoria office located on North 83 rd Avenue. Their Peoria DUI Attorney Division is handled by the Hock Law Group. They have years of experience handling all forms of DUI including aggravated DUI, extreme DUI cases and underaged DUI arrests. In fact, more than 100 cases have lead to dropped Arizona DUI charges.

If more information about the team of Peoria DUI lawyers who are ready for fight for you, call 602-258-8888 or visit www.phillipslaw.com for more information.

Peoria DUI Attorney John P. Tatz

John P. Tatz's Arizona Law Firm is located on North Lake Pleasant Road in Peoria. He focuses solely on DUI cases. When you seek his legal expertise, he won't lie. If your case isn't winnable, he'll tell you up front.

For a fee consultation, call 602-253-6889.

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