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If you're stopped for a DWI in Arizona, it's best to call a Phoenix DUI attorney to learn your options. Arizona DUI laws are tough. You can lose your license for three months, drive with restricted privileges for another nine months and face enormous fines. Your best defense is to hire a Phoenix DUI lawyer who knows the DUI laws and requirements to an arrest.

When you're pulled over, an officer will look for signs you've been drinking, such as the odor of alcohol, disorientation or bloodshot eyes. If he has any suspicion you are intoxicated, he can ask you to perform sobriety tests. If you fail any of these tests, you can be arrested for AZ DUI. If you refuse a blood test, your license is suspended for twelve months whether the test proves you were impaired or not.

Why You Need a Phoenix DUI Lawyer

Having a Phoenix DUI lawyer to help guide you through the arrest process and court hearing is your best defense. Lawyers specializing in DUI cases help get you the lightest charges. It's pointless to try to fight a DUI charge yourself because few people understand the intricacies involving DUI laws in Arizona.

Steps to Follow if You're Arrested for DUI in Arizona

When you're pulled over for DUI in Arizona, you should first ask to speak to your Phoenix DUI lawyer. Follow your lawyers advice. Typically, this includes providing the required documentation including your driver's license, proof of insurance and registration. Refuse to take any sobriety tests.

Wait to take the breathalyzer, blood or urine test until you are at the police station and in the presence of your Phoenix DUI lawyer. It's likely the attorney will demand a second test be taken so that the attorney can have their specialist run an independent test.

Beauchamp Law Office

Let Beauchamp Law Office help you fight a DUI charge in Arizona. Beauchamp Law Office has 18 years experience fighting all DUI charges, including underage DUIs, extreme DUIs and aggravated DUIs. Melanie Beauchamp is skilled in helping people with super extreme DUI charges. In 2010, she was able to get a super extreme DUI case dropped. Few Phoenix DUI lawyers are this skilled.

If you visit their website, you receive a discount on your attorney fees. Head to www.arizonadui.com and fill out the online form for more information.

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