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For some, just the thought of facing criminal charges is fearful and worrisome. And in addition to those fears, there may also be apprehension in choosing "the right" lawyer for the charge or charges against you. Fear will be overwhelming as you may consider the repercussion of your prior actions: loss of job, destroyed reputation and jail time.

Starr Ferber Law Office

The Starr Ferber Law offices are known for their tough, straight-shooting, aggressive defense techniques. Specializing specifically in DUI and other traffic related charges, Starr Ferber Law Offices is an excellent choice for the Aurora, Colorado area.

DUI laws and procedures can be very complex and time consuming. If you make the mistake many have in the past, and hire a lawyer who does just criminal law- you may be in trouble. Then not only is your freedom on the line, but your wallet will still be as empty as if you had hired a lawyer with the knowledge needed to reduce the penalties faced against you.

It is recommended that you hire a lawyer who is an expert at DUI defense and is knowledgeable with state laws. This is what Starr Ferbaer Law Offices does: a through approach in relaying the terms of your innocence in the simplest means necessary.

Starr Ferber Law Offices
Aurora, CO
(888) 326-3587

Law Firm of Richard Bloch, P.C.

An Aurora DUI defense lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in law, Bloch is skilled enough to "think on his feet while dealing with complex issues of law and strategy". The right attorney representing you can make all the difference in the world.

Not only is experience in the courtroom a must, but also strategizing for the most effective defense strategy is what will make or break your case. For more than three decades, Bloch has practiced and perfected his criminal defense techniques from criminal charges ranging from traffic violations to sexual assault crimes.

A thoroughly skilled lawyer for criminal defense, Richard Bloch is also knowledgeable of the other side: the prosecution. Bloch previously represented as a former state prosecutor, so thus holds the knowledge for understanding on both sides.

The Law Office of Richard Bloch, P.C.
Aurora, CO
(720) 863-4272
(866) 722-9173


New 2010 DUI LawsColorado

HB10-1347 - Effective July 1st, 2010

Mandatory Minimum Imprisonment and Restrictions for Repeat Offenders. Imposes a Ten Day Minimum Jail Sentence for a Second Offense and a Sixty Day Minimum Jail Sentence for Third and Subsequent Offenses. To learn more about Colorado DUI Laws please visit the link below.

Colorado DUI Laws - On DrivingLaws.org

1st Colorado DUI Offense

First Drunk Driving Conviction

Blood Alcohol Content .08 or Above

  • 1st DUI
  • Jail – From 5 Days to 1 Year
  • Fine - From $600 - $1,000
  • License Suspension – 9 Months
  • License Points – 12
  • Public Service – From 48 to 96 Hours
  • Jail May be Suspended in Lieu of Alcohol Treatment Program

1st DWAI Offense

First Driving While Ability Impaired

Blood Alcohol Content of .05 But Less Than .08

  • 1st DWAI
  • Jail – From 48 Hours to 180 Days
  • Fine – From $200 to $500
  • License Suspension – None
  • License Points – 8
  • Public Service – From 24 to 48 Hours

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