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Whether you're charged with refusal or DUI in New Haven, you need a DUI lawyer. Refusing to take a breathalyzer test causes you to lose your driver's license for six months to six years. Many people don't realize the seriousness of Connecticut's Implied Consent laws. A first-time DUI in New Haven can lead to fines as high as $1,000 and jail time. Only a knowledgeable DUI attorney can help you fight the charges.

Many New Haven DUI lawyers offer free consultations. It costs you nothing to find out if a DUI attorney can help you with the charges you face. After that, most criminal law practices will work out a payment plan you can afford.

Jacobs, Grudberg, Belt, Dow & Katz

Located in New Haven, CT, DUI lawyers at Jacobs, Grudberg, Belt, Dow & Katz provide aggressive defense against any DUI charge. They can help you with a first offense, underage Connecticut DUI or felony DUI. Eight of the attorneys at Jacobs, Grudberg, Belt, Dow and Katz are listed in the reference guide “Best Lawyers in America.” They have the skill you need to fight the New Haven DUI/DWI charges you face.

For a free consultation, visit www.jacobslaw.com/Criminal-Defense/DUI-Defense.shtml or call 203-772-3100.

Pattis Law Firm

DUI/DWI attorneys at Pattis Law Firm are available 24/7. They are highly knowledgeable in all areas of CT DUI law, including felonies, underage and refusals. DUI Attorney Norman Pattis is skilled in getting charges reduced or dropped completely. Attorney Norman Pattis is an aggressive criminal trial attorney with more than 100 jury trials under his belt. He's also the author of Taking Back the Courts.

Call 203-393-3017 for a free consultation. You can also visit the law firm's website at www.normanpattis.com.

Williams, Walsh and O'Connor

The law firm of Williams, Walsh and O'Connor practice criminal law, personal injury and wrongful death. You'll find a team of skilled DUI lawyers. They aggressively defend DUI clients in New Haven. They can help you restore your driving privileges, reduce the DUI New Haven charges and work to keep the DUI arrest off your permanent record.

For a free consultation, visit the offices of Williams, Walsh and O'Connor at 37 Broadway or call 203-285-3593. You can also head to their website www.williamswalshandoconnor.com/PracticeAreas/DWI-Defense.asp and find a DUI lawyer to represent you.

First Drunk Driving Offense

  • Jail – 48 Hour Minimum up to 6 Months
  • Community Service – 100 Hours if Jail Suspended
  • Fine – From $500 to $1,000
  • License Suspension – 1 Year
  • Complete Substance Abuse Treatment Program
  • Vehicle Towed and Impounded for 48 Hours

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