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When choosing a criminal defense lawyer for you to fight your DUI case, there are many different points that you MUST consider. Without these considerations, you go an event that you forever change your life. To NOT allow your DUI to negatively affect you and your family, it is pertinent that you learn quickly what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer to aid you through the rough times.

Kansas City is not unlike many other cities in the state of Kansas. Much like the rest of the country as well, they follow the strict, and often changing laws of the U.S. regarding drunk driving. Any person found to be in the operation of a motor vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of .08 or higher, will be immediately arrested and charged with either a DUI or a DWI, depending upon the circumstances of the case

Leininger Law Offices

The Leininger Law Offices are very well known in many counties in Eastern Kansas. The counties that Leininger Law Offices cover are:

Johnson County, Douglas County, Wyandotte County, Leavenworth County, Miami County

Depending on your situation, you may either be experiencing the stress of your first DUI charge, or maybe even your fourth. Regardless of how many times you’ve been charged with a DUI, it is still stressful, and thoughts of the future are ominous.

A DUI charge can negatively affect yourself as well as your family. Any future jobs could be unwillingly sacrificed, meaning lower income. This all may lead to stress in the family for basic necessities such as bills, food, and clothing. So many things may and CAN go wrong if you are not represented well in a court of law. It is beyond important for representation be aggressive and creative for clients.

First and foremost, challenging all improperly filed charges is what Mr. Leininger will do. He will review your case from top to bottom, and using working knowledge of the ever-changing state DUI laws, will produce a positive outcome for your AND for his law firm. A happy, satisfied client is the aim at the Leininger Law Offices.

“…you need an experienced defense lawyer who will leave no stone unturned in your defense.”

The Leininger Law Offices will navigate through your situation as easily as a ship captain through known seas, and will graciously shoulder the burden of any stress related to your case. This ease comes from the 19 years of experience Mr. Brian Leininger holds in the court of law. Originally starting out as a state DA for Kansas, he excelled wonderfully, and then moved on to become a state prosecutor.

If you are going to invest any amount of money into a lawyer, you might as well get one that will properly represent you in a court of law. Some may decide to represent themselves, but if you choose this route, you must remember that at the end of the day, your only legal advise will be coming from the state prosecutor. A prosecutor who is more than ready to collect on a fine and throw you in jail.

Leininger Law Offices

Kansas City, Kansas

(913) 648-7070

(866) 66- KSDUI


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