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After being arrested for a DUI in Lafayette Parish, finding the right lawyer to defend you should be your first and foremost decision. This decision you make will be what your future relies upon. You deserve to have your constitutional rights protected, and be represented by the best lawyer you can afford who will fight for your rights and your freedom.

Barry J. Salinger, APLC

Many lawyers will take on “just any old case” without having the proper knowledge behind the procedures for the specific case at hand. The law office of Barry J. Salinger remains focused on the representation of each individual who has been arrested and in need of representation. Not only is Mr. Salinger aware of people with multiple arrests, he is also aware and concerned for the welfare of those clients who are new in the legal system.

Many issues arise because of arrests. Some of these issues include:
Loss of job
Loss of employment and educational opportunities
Insurance complications
Extensive probation

Barry J. Salinger sees it as his job to provide experienced, professional, committed representation to all of his clients. All relationships with his clients are valued and trusted, as are his relationship with other legal associates who may be helpful to obtain a satisfactory outcome for your case. The law office of Barry J. Salinger pledges to serve his clients with dignity and respect.

Barry J. Salinger, APLC
Lafayette, LA
(337) 235-5791

Donald D. Cleveland, APLC

If you are looking for a lawyer who prides himself and his law firm on professionalism, integrity and compassion, look no further than the law office of Donald D. Cleveland. Firmly believing in everyone’s Constitutional right to legal representation, he cares not only about your case, but about your future as well. For example, beyond your legal case, if you are in need of substance abuse treatment, Mr. Cleveland will do everything in his power to find a treatment center that suits your needs.

A DUI is a serious charge in the state of Louisiana. IT is not unheard of for a first time DUI offender to do at least some jail time. In order to protect your freedom, the law office Donald D. Cleveland will fight aggressively for you using his experience and knowledge of the court of law.

“.I’m fighting for you, your family, and your future.”
Donald D. Cleveland, APLC
Lafayette, LA
(337) 205-0319

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