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Nevada drunk driving is very serious, and if found guilty, the Nevada state DUI laws will pertain to the offender.

Whether in Nevada or Alaksa, there are penalities for driving under the influence. The term “under the influence” applies to any driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. If found to have a BAC of this level, the offender may face either suspension, fines, or jail time.

In order to determine if a Nevada driver is driving under the influence, the arresting officer must either apply field sobriety tests or conduct breath, blood or urine tests. The last three tests (breath, blood, urine) are usually administered at the nearest police station. However, if after applying field sobriety tests at the time of the traffic stop the officer feels the driver is intoxicated, a breath test is used immediatly to determine a BAC level for report.

Suspension penailties for Nevada drunk driving vary depending upon the number of times a person is found guilty of driving with a BAC of .08 or more. In Nevada, there are mandatory minimums on DUI laws that the courts prosecutors follow for drivers found guilty of this offense. The first offense is a 90 day suspension; the second, a 1 year suspension; the third (or more), up to three years suspension if another penalty is not found more appropriate. Sometimes the courts find it necessary to revoce a license entirely.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Nevada offenders of the DUI laws don’t have to worry about the term “Ignition Interlock”. This is not to say that ignition interlock will forever stay out of the state of Nevada though. Ignition interlock is an attachment to the driver’s vehicle which requires him or her to perform a breath test before starting the car. States across the country are slowly recognizing the importance of the ignition interlock system. Thus, Nevada does hold the discretion to apply the requirement as felt needed.

DUI laws don’t always mean suspension, fines, or jail time though. Nevada drunk driving laws also offer the option of treatment if felt necessary.Treatment for a DUI related offense includes schooling and prevention programs, treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, and even assesments for possible dependancy.

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