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No matter where you may have picked up you DUI charge against you, there will always be a plethora of fine, educated defense lawyers to eagerly take on your case. Not all cases are cut and dry however, and some attorneys breath for just those types of cases... attorneys such as Veralrud and Fowler, Attorneys at Law in Eugene, OR. Highly educated, and focused on bringing justice to whoever their clients may be.

Veralrud & Fowler, Attorneys at Law

Two attorneys with education to blow any other law firm in the area away, are seen and respected as two of the best criminal defense litigators in the state. Not only have Veralrud and Fowler defended many clients in Oregon, but they have also ventured out into Washingon and California. These expansions of their business only helped their firm, as their percentage of success in incredibly high in the courtroom. Most all clients end up happy with the final arrangements agreed upon by the defense and prosecution.

Mr. Veralrud is a well-seasoned lawyer who started practicing law back in 1978. He ended up working for three and a half years at the Lane County District Attorney's Office, later being promoted to Felony Deputy. After a successful run at the Lane County District Attorney's Office, Mr. Veralrud joined the firm he is now still associated with as a trial associate. He became a partner in 1982.

Ms. Fowler on the other hand, has many successes of her own. This makes their team unstoppable, and also highly successful in the court of law. Ms. Fowler worked three years for the criminal defense branch in the Jackson County Public Defenders Office. Quickly, she climbed the ladder of success and became the office's top litigator with supervisory duties over other staff employees.

Both lawyers together make for an excellent, unstoppable team. Anyone who may be in the Eugene, OR area, who just has been charged with a DUI or other vehicular related charge, would be foolish to not hire these lawyers. They are the finest in the area.

Veralrud & Fowler, Attorneys at Law
Eugene, OR
(541) 345-3333


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