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Being charged with a DUI in the state of Oregon carries no small penalty. Whether the charge be a felony, or dropped down to a misdemeanor, the penalties and possible loss of freedoms hangs heavy over the heads of those arrested in Salem, Oregon. However, Oregon state defense attorneys such as Gig Wyatt, of the Harris, Wyatt & Amala Law Offices, are the type of specialized DUI defense lawyers that a person facing this type of charge should be looking for.

Gig Wyatt, DUI Defense Attorney at Law

One of the first sentences that you see once you've entered the professional website dedicated to Mr. Gig Wyatts law office, is this:

"Tough law requires a tough defense."

And this is ever so true. If you or someone that you know has been charged with a DUI driving offense, it is crucial that you find a defense lawyer who specializes specifically in just DUI defense cases. There are so many particular twists and turns within the law, that a lawyer who may practice general law will most likely not be as familiar with the specifics of a DUI case.

Thus said, it is also important to always remember that no matter if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony driving offense, legal representation is necessary to defend even the most basic rights of clients. Also, unlike many websites dedicated to individual lawyers, Mr. Wyatt's website is not only informational about himself and his successes, but also includes professional tips and a thorough explanation of possibilities after a DUI arrest.

Some important facts to remember that many citizens allow to slip their minds during the confusion of an arrest, and then the aftermath include:
· Arrest and seizure of an individual and their vehicle is protected under the US Constitution
· Probable cause must be present and accurately proven in court
· Lawyer's job is to keep client's rights protected and provide proper representation

A DUI defense lawyer must first differentiate if their clients DUI charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. If charged with a misdemeanor, it is likely a Class A misdemeanor. IF charged with a felony, it is likely a Class C felony. This varies due to the fact that a DUI does not always mean that alcohol was involved. A DUI may also be charged to an individual if the arresting officer suspects the driver to be under the influence of any type of controlled substance.

Also, besides being charged with a DUI, sometimes other charges may also be included. Some of these charges include:
· Reckless Driving
· Recklessly Endangering Another Person
· Criminal Mischief

Gig Wyatt, DUI Defense Attorney
Harris, Wyatt & Amala LLC Attorneys at Law
Salem, OR
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