Name Change Cost - Changing Name Legally

The cost involved in changing your name is generally minimal. However, there are fees you might not be expecting. First, changing your name is usually free. Your expense lies in the processing fees for the paperwork and issuing new forms.

Name Change Cost

Court Hearing Name Change Costs

You are required to pay the court fees for a name change request. The fees range from state to state, but use California as a guide. In California, standard name change costs average $150 plus $5 for additional certified copies of the name change paperwork.

In Minnesota, name change costs go as high as $322, certified copies of the name change paperwork are $14 each. If you require a criminal record check, expect to pay $10 to $20 for that search.

In Wisconsin, the average name change cost is $165. If you want a certified copy, you'll pay another $5.

Legally Change Your Name

New Driver's License

One of the new cards you will require with a name change is a driver's license. The cost of driver's licenses varies from state to state. In most cases, the bureau issues a brand new license and charges you the fee for a reissued or duplicate license. Fees for a duplicate license in different states (2009 pricing) are:

  • Arizona - $4
  • California - $22
  • Florida - $10 or $15 (with photo)
  • Illinois - $5
  • Maine - $5
  • Montana - $10
  • New York - $17.50
  • North Carolina - $10
  • Texas - $10
  • Vermont - $15

One thing to remember is that the new license will still have the same expiration date as the former one. You may want to consider when your license is due to expire to save money on name change costs.

Social Security Fee

Social security cards are replaced or reissued for free. You should never pay a fee to change your name on your social security card.

Passport Fee

Providing your passport is current and you have forms to back up your name change, the cost of a name change on a passport is free. You will have to pay for the shipping to send your passport to the U.S. Department of State.

If your passport is more than a year old, you pay the fees for a renewal (currently $75), plus the cost of two new passport photos. In addition, if you ask for the passport to be expedited, add $60 plus $14.85 for overnight delivery.

On expired passports, your name change costs are the same as ordering a brand new passport ($75), two passport photos and a $25 execution fee.

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