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Arizona power of attorney laws protect both the power of attorney principal and those affected by decisions made under the power of attorney. To prevent elder abuse and embezzlement, Arizona law requires all power of attorney forms to state if the agent has permission of the principal to make donations or gifts. If an agent gives a gift to another person without having specific permission allowing such, he is in violation of the law.

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In 1998, it became a felony for a power of attorney agent to gain monetarily from anything the agent does while holding the power of attorney. This has led to confusion as to whether it is a felony to invest money for a parent while you are their attorney in fact and then later profit from that investment when they die. The way to prevent this is by making sure the power of attorney document contains a line stating you opt-out of this law.

An AZ power of attorney agent must act within the law. They should follow the provisions set forth in the ower of attorney document, if they exist.


Arizona Power of Attorney Laws Regarding Medical Power of Attorneys

In Arizona, medical power of attorney agents help make decisions regarding:

· Hospitalization
· Medical care
· Surgery

An Arizona power of attorney agent may decide whether to keep the principal on life support or approve IV fluids and feeding tubes. The agent must be a legal adult. The power of attorney must be in writing, not oral, and witnessed by one adult not related to the principal or a beneficiary of the estate. The power of attorney form must then be dated, signed and notarized.

Revoking an Arizona Power of Attorney

To revoke your AZ power of attorney, the revocation must be issued in writing. If it is a medical power of attorney, oral notification to your main health care provider is all that is necessary.

Create a new power of attorney and make sure it is notarized. Shred old power of attorney documentation to avoid any confusion in the future.

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