California Power of Attorney - CA POA Requirements

California power of attorney laws are similar to in other areas. Big differences include a state approved form for power of attorney documents related to matters involving taxes. California power of attorney laws require permission to share your income tax information with your power of attorney. If this information is not on file with the government, it is unlikely your power of attorney would be granted permission to view your tax file.

Power of Attorney in 3 Easy Steps! - Pricing

CA power of attorney agents must be legal adults, so should the witnesses who sign your power of attorney form. The attorney in fact cannot act as a witness. Power of attorney forms that do not specify a certain time frame generally remain in effect until you die or revoke the power of attorney.

The California power of attorney goes into effect on the date signed or on the effective date listed in the document. Make sure you have it notarized and then provide copies to any necessary party.

Medical Power of Attorney in California

In 2000, California's government changed the laws regarding CA medical power of attorneys. The state released a power of attorney form for residents to fill out and have notarized. You fill in the blanks and write in your directives regarding health care. Two witnesses, not related to you or listed in your will, must sign the form and then you must have it notarized. Per California law, your personal physician may not be your medical power of attorney.

California Power of Attorney for the Franchise Tax Board

In the State of California, they provide form FTB 3520 for power of attorney documents in tax and non-tax financial situations. The power of attorney remains in affect until you revoke it and is kept on file with the California government.

The form does not have to be notarized, but you must fax the completed form to the phone number listed at the top. Visit to view and print the form.

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