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Colorado power of attorney laws remain similar to other states. However, there are laws you should be aware of. One of the biggest differences is that CO power of attorney forms needn't have witness signatures. Does this mean you can skip having a witness sign, while it is legal, you're still better protected if witness signatures are on file. They can help validate your mental fitness at the time you finalized the form should there ever be a court argument.

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In Colorado, all power of attorney contracts end if you die. Following your death, the representative named in your will takes over the handling of your estate and final payments of bills.

CO Power of Attorney Forms

A trip to the State of Colorado's website finds a few power of attorney templates for your use. The CO power of attorney for car sales is one that you will only need if you are selling your car. The prepared form has blanks you fill out that offer guidelines that protect you because you list the terms that must be followed for the sale. The form is notarized and then kept on file.

A CO medical power of attorney is another template available online in Colorado. Once you've completed this form, you should give copies to your doctor, the agent you've selected and your preferred hospital.

Medical Power of Attorney Forms in Colorado

CO power of attorney laws for medical directives must include one phrase before it is considered legal: “This power of attorney shall not be affected by the disability of the principal.”

Separation, annulment and divorce immediately revoke a medical power of attorney if your agent is your ex-spouse. For other relationships, send a certified letter to anyone holding the power of attorney stating you are revoking their power.

Should your personal physician refuse to perform a treatment or surgery requested by your CO power of attorney, he/she must transfer you to a medical facility that will. During your transfer, he/she cannot provide any health care.

Providing your medical provider follows those terms, he/she will not be held responsible for any medical treatment your Colorado attorney in fact ordered.

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