Power of Attorney Legal Document - Durable POA Letter

A power of attorney document gives another person, the attorney in fact, authorization to act on financial or legal matters for you if you are away or become mentally or physically unable. Once you've created power of attorney documents, it's important to keep them in a safe place. If there are ever any questions, court professionals will rely on your documentation to prove or disprove a claim.

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Legal power of attorneys provide peace of mind to the elderly, business owners and even younger adults. It ensures that your financial, legal and business matters will be taken care of, even if you are unable. Parents should have them to ensure their children are cared for if they become incapacitated and elderly people should keep them on hand in case a serious health issue occurs.

Filing Your Power of Attorney Papers

It's important to file and copy at least two power of attorney papers. You should keep one of the power of attorney documents in a safe deposit box or locked safe. Also make sure the person you've chosen as your power of attorney has a copy of the letter. If you have a family lawyer, make sure his or her office has a copy too. This ensures your power of attorney agent has all of the information needed to properly handle your financial and business transactions as needed.

Creating a Legal Power of Attorney

Due to the power of the Internet, it's easy to find free power of attorney document samples online. You can use these to customize your very own power of attorney papers. Look for a form that allows you to customize your terms and conditions. Remember to protect yourself by providing the power of attorney agent with specific instructions to follow.

Simply copy and paste an online power of attorney form to your word processing program, fill in the necessary information and then print it out. Bring an original to your town/city clerk or a notary public's office. There two witnesses, your chosen agent, the notary public and yourself will sign and date the form. This legalizes your orders.

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