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Learn the legalities of Georgia power of attorneys. There are many requirements that those filling out power of attorney forms must meet for the form to be legal. Using the State forms is recommended to prevent future legal battles over the validity of the power of attorney form you created.

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Current federal laws prevent anyone from being able to access your health records without your approval. If you have a medical power of attorney, your agent could view your medical records to help with decision making. It's important to make sure your GA power of attorney includes terminology authorizing them to view your files when necessary.

Laws in Georgia Regarding Power of Attorneys

Georgia residents may legally have more than one attorney in fact. This is helpful if you wish to divide tasks between children or loved ones.

When moving to Georgia from another state, draft a new power of attorney. While most forms are accepted in the state, there are some that may not contain all required components and phrasing.

Power of Attorney Requirements

The State of Georgia requires all power of attorney agreements to be in writing and witnessed by no less than two legal adults. The State offers a medical power of attorney form 31-36-10 for residents of Georgia. Using the State's form is the best way to ensure your power of attorney agreement is legal and binding.

Regarding medical power of attorney agreements, if your family physician refuses to follow the orders of your attorney in fact, the doctor must arrange your transportation to a facility that will. The doctor must continue to take care of you until the transfer takes place.

To revoke a Georgia power of attorney, you must notify the agent and any third parties in writing, certified mail is the best way to retain proof of the revocation. Oral agreements are only binding if you follow them with a written notice. In cases of divorce, the power of attorney agreement is revoked if your ex-spouse is your power of attorney. Make sure you designate a new power of attorney when the divorce is finalized.

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