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Guardianship power of attorney agents step in to fill a parental role of guardian while the child/children's parents are unable to handle the responsibilities. Most states limit a children guardianship power of attorney time frame to six months.

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Power of attorneys for guardianship do not cover if a parent dies. It does cover the parent having to go out of town on business, a lengthy hospitalization or even a jail sentence lasting up to six months. Instead of leaving the fate of children to the court system to decide, the parent is able to select a guardian until he or she can resume their duties.

Benefits to Guardianship Power of Attorney Consent

When a person steps in as your guardianship power of attorney agent, they are accepting many duties of raising the child. This includes selecting your child's school or daycare, authorizing necessary medical treatments and handling discipline. Things a guardianship power of attorney cannot do includes allowing you minor child to marry or giving the child up for adoption.

Power of attorney duties for a guardian do not require a lengthy court hearing to establish. You can fill out the guardianship power of attorney forms in front of two witnesses and a notary public. This makes it easy for you to set up a power of attorney in a hurry before you go on a business trip.

Durable vs. Non-Durable Guardianship Power of Attorney

In the legal world, a durable power of attorney continues if you become unable to handle your parental duties due to a mental or physical problem. If you are entering into an alcoholic rehab program and must be away from your child for a few weeks or months, a durable power of attorney is the better idea.

Non-durable guardianship power of attorneys are limited to a specific amount of time. When that deadline is reached, the power of attorney comes to an end. They are best if you are certain you will be back and ready to fulfill your parental role before the power of attorney ends.

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