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At any age, a health care power of attorney is the only way to guarantee doctor's follow your orders and not their own agendas. A health care power of attorney agent makes sure your medical care goes exactly how you would want it. Health care power of attorney agents act on your behalf if you are unable to speak for yourself.

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Do Not Resuscitate Orders

Many hospitals and medical practices will take extra measures to keep you alive if your health is failing. While some people are fine with life support machines, paddles and feeding tubes, others are against being kept alive when their time seems to be up. How do you feel?

After an accident or medical emergency, doctors will take steps to keep your heart beating and your brain functioning. Is this what you want? If you are unable to tell a doctor what you would want done and there are no papers on file with that hospital, you could well find yourself hooked up to life support regardless of your wishes. A health care power of attorney agent speaks for you. They tell a doctor what they can and cannot do to keep you alive. They follow your advanced directives listed on the form regarding things like feeding tubes and breathing machines.

Hospital Release

Another example of things a healthcare power of attorney agent can accomplish is ensuring you are released from the hospital. If you have a terminal disease, medical professionals in the healthcare field may think it best if you live the remainder of your life in a cold, stark hospital room. This may not be your plan.

If you plan to die at home with a nurse on site, your health care power of attorney can make sure the hospital and healthcare insurance company adheres to your wishes. They act as your guardian making important decisions like end of life housing, medications and treatments.

Your durable health care power of attorney acts according to your written terms on the form. They will never act out using their own judgment going against your wishes. For this reason, you have peace of mind knowing you will receive the treatment and healthcare you desire as stated on power of attorney forms.

It simply makes sense that you protect yourself from hospital practices that are ethically or morally against your beliefs.

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