Information Regarding Michigan Power of Attorney Forms

With a Michigan power of attorney, you have the option of designating someone to act on your behalf if you leave town for an extended period or become incapacitated. The type of power of attorney you choose dictates the actions the power of attorney may take in your absence.

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Durable vs. Non-durable Power of Attorney Forms

A durable Michigan power of attorney remains in effect after you becoming mental or physically incapacitated. Non-durable power of attorney forms cover a specific period of time starting on the day you sign the form.

Non-durable power of attorneys work best when you are going on an extended business trip, vacation or into a medical facility for a rehab program. You select the time frame and the agreement ends if you develop a serious medical or physical problem that leaves you unable to tend to your legal, financial or business matters.

Durable power of attorney forms cover incapacitation. With a durable agreement, you rest assured that if you suffered a stroke or are dealing with Alzheimer's, that your family and finances will not suffer unnecessarily.

Michigan Power of Attorney for Medical Purposes

The State Bar of Michigan's Power of Attorney for Health Care is a great way to create a legal form. Simply print it out, fill in the blanks and sign it in front of witnesses. The person you've chosen as your power of attorney agent also signs the form agreeing to be your medical advocate.

Area hospitals have copies of the medical Michigan power of attorney form available. You can also go online to the University of Michigan Health System to access the PDF form.

To prevent elder abuse, the State of Michigan promotes making sure everyone has a valid Michigan power of attorney for medical purposes on file. You can set forth guidelines for your power of attorney agent to follow. This ensures you are receiving healthcare of which you approve.

Having a medical power of attorney remains your choice. If you do choose to have one, be aware that the person you select as your agent will be granted access to your medical files once you become incapacitated.

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