North Carolina Power of Attorney Laws

The laws regarding North Carolina power of attorney agreements are similar to other states. Providing you follow them, your power of attorney forms help protect your assets if you must leave town for an extended period or develop a health issue making it impossible to handle every day tasks.

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Contact your town or city government to see what if you must file the power of attorney form. Some transactions, like those dealing with real estate, require North Carolina power of attorney forms to be registered with the state.

Where to Find NC Power of Attorney Forms

The State of North Carolina power of attorney forms are made available to NC state residents. You can find a copy here. Print it out, fill in the blanks, initial the items you wish to have your power of attorney agent handle and then sign and date the form in front of a notary public.

Laws Regarding North Carolina Power of Attorneys

In North Carolina, power of attorney agents are allowed to receive compensation for their time and out-of-pocket expenses while acting as your attorney in fact. Consider adding the financial compensation amount to your agreement, otherwise the clerk of the superior court could come up with the amount while you are incapacitated.

Registered power of attorney agents must file an inventory of your assets, transactions they do under the power of attorney agreement and any gifts they give under your name, unless the agreement specifically states otherwise. By having the agent record what they do, it protects you against fraud and theft. Upon signing the North Carolina power of attorney, they have thirty days to file the necessary information. (North Carolina 32A-11 )

Revoking a North Carolina Power of Attorney

To revoke a power of attorney agreement, you must go to the town or city office with a written statement revoking the past agreement. You also must mail notification to the agent. These steps must be taken while you are mentally fit.

If you were not required to file your North Carolina power of attorney with the town or city, ripping up or burning the power of attorney and then mailed revocation notice will suffice.

Death of the principal immediately revokes the power of attorney form.

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