Power of Attorney Notary - Notarized POA Form

Filling out a power of attorney takes little time , but a power of attorney notary is needed to legalize the form. When you sign a power of attorney, you must have the document notarized and provide two power of attorney witness signatures.

Power of Attorney in 3 Easy Steps! - Pricing

You do not need a lawyer to draw up a power of attorney, but you must sign it in front of a notary public and two witnesses. If you fail to do this, the power of attorney is not legal. To get your power of attorney form notarized, you need to know who to contact or where to find one. It's easier than you might think.

Town or City Clerk Offices

All town and city clerk offices have a notary public on staff. There is usually a fee for their service, though some town and cities offer the service for free to residents within that town. If there are fees, the charges for power of attorney notary services are reasonable, usually under $10. In fact, states like Oregon put a restriction on the fees notary public agents may charge. In Oregon a notary public charges $5.

If a notary public must travel to your home or specified location, they can charge travel fees of up to $25 per hour in most states. It's always most affordable if you go to their location.

Banks have Notary Public Officials on Site

Many banks and financial institutes spend time handling notarized documents. They can sign power of attorney documents too, but may charge a fee. Some banks and credit unions, however, provide free notarizing services to members. Always ask because you can save money if you have your power of attorney notarized for free.

Notary Public Website

At NotaryPublic.com, you access an entire list of notary public officials in the United States. The site allows you to search by state, cities and county. If your county has no registered notary public agents, check neighboring counties.

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