Pennsylvania Power of Attorney Rules and Regulations

In the State of Pennsylvania, power of attorney agreements are subject to specific laws. Make sure you pay attention to them so that the power of attorney you create is valid and cannot later be contested in court.

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The State of Pennsylvania offers a printable power of attorney form. Print it out, fill in the required information and sign it in front of two witnesses and a notary public. .

Laws Specific to Pennsylvania Power of Attorney Forms

While death generally ends a power of attorney, until the attorney in fact is notified that the principal has died, he can continue acting on the principal's behalf. This protects the agent from fines and legal suits regarding his action before he learned of the death.

Divorce automatically ends a power of attorney agreement if the principal and agent were a married couple.

In 2000, the State of Pennsylvania decided to clarify terminology used in power of attorney forms by eliminating the wording “attorney in fact” and instead using power of attorney “agent.” Make sure the form you use contains “agent,” as this is the newer state approved form.

Medical Power of Attorney Rules

Pennsylvania power of attorney forms for medical consent must be in writing and signed in the presence of two witnesses. All medical power of attorneys are considered durable, meaning they go into effect if the principal becomes incapacitated.

A medical power of attorney in Pennsylvania can be revoked in writing. If your medical power of attorney agent is your spouse, divorce or annulment automatically revokes the POA document.

Providing your chosen attorney in fact follows the terms you've listed in the medical power of attorney and acts in good faith, you cannot later sue him for the decisions made while you were incapacitated.

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