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There are many resources available that can help you find an online living will, and in some cases you may find free last will and testament forms. Software can help you in the preparation of a last will or living will.

Since it is preferable to have a will typed (most states require that it be typewritten) the advantage of an online will is that it can be downloaded and then modified on a word processor to fit your particular estate needs. In many cases it is possible to find a free online will or a form free online will. An online will form will generally provide instructions on how to prepare and modify the online last will and testament.

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It is not difficult to find online will or an online will maker. Some web sites allow online will preparation by taking you through a step by step process for choosing a will for the state of your residency then taking you through the necessary steps to complete and print out a customized will. While many people prefer to find a free last online testament will, locating a good online will maker can make the preparation of a will much easier.

Even if you use an online will or online will maker there are certain general requirements that must be kept in mind in order to prepare and execute a legal will that is binding. State laws are very strict about how a will is prepared and executed. Failure to follow those rules will invalidate the will. In most states you must be 18 years of age or older in order to prepare and sign a will. As already mentioned, the will should be typed (although some states allow what is called a holographic or written will). An online will form should advise you that in the online will preparation to include language that the will is your last will and testament. You must be of sound mind at the time of signing the will. The will must be signed, dated and witnessed by two people. (Some states require three witnesses). The witnesses need only watch you sign the will; they do not have to read the contents of it. There is no requirement that a legal will be notarized but generally notaries are used to prevent a contest over the signing of the will. It is not necessary to file a will with a court or as a public document in order to make it a legal will. It is important, however, for your executor or trustee to know where you placed the legal will document.

There is a good possibility that even a free online will, form free online will or free last online testament will was drafted by an estate lawyer. The quality of an on line will may vary from web site to web site It makes sense to search a number of web sites to find an online will that is most suitable for your estate needs in terms of the laws of the state of your residency.

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