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A simple will can be drafted in a short period of time from a "boilerplate" form or even a free form downloaded from qualified internet service firms.

A simple will is best used when all assets are left to a spouse or, if there are children, equally divided among the children at the time of the spouse's death. The use of a simple will form filled in with your specific information and wishes is all that is necessary to create a legal will. It is possible to obtain from a number of sources a free simple will or free simple will form that can be used to make a valid, enforceable will.

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The legitimacy of a legal will, whether it is prepared from a simple will form or by an estate lawyer, is dependent upon state law and should conform to the legal requirements of your state of residency. In most states the age requirement for preparing and executing a legal will is 18.

A simple will must be typed on either a typewriter or computer word processor. (Some states recognize handwritten wills). It must be expressly stated in the simple will form that it is your last will and testament. You must be of sound mind at the time of signing the will. The simple will must be dated, signed and witnessed by at least two people. (Some states require three witnesses). The witnesses need only watch you sign the will; they do not have to read the contents of it. There is no requirement that a legal will be notarized but generally notaries are used in order to prevent a contest over the signing of the will. It is not necessary to file a simple will with a court or as a public document in order to make it a legal will. It is important, however, for your executor or trustee to know where you placed the simple will document.

Many free simple will forms identify the state they were drafted for. A free simple will form may even provide instructions for filling out the document. Since it is generally required that a simple will be typewritten, it is best to download a simple will form that can be modified on your computer's word processor to create a final document that can be signed and witnessed.

A simple will sets out how your assets, after the payment of debts, will be distributed through probate. Many states allow assets to be distributed without probate if the estate does not exceed a statutory maximum. For example, in California , if the estate does not exceed $100,000 (excluding joint tenancy and designated beneficiary property), the estate does not have to go through probate. Under these circumstances, use of a simple will form or even a free simple will form is appropriate

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