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There are numerous last will and testament software suppliers that allow downloads of their product, including the popular Quicken Plus Willmaker.

Willmaker kits allow you to prepare a legal will from last will and testament software that can be retrieved through a last will and testament download. For simple wills, not involving significant assets or distribution issues, a willmaker kit can save legal fees without incurring the risk of a lengthy and a costly court battle. Quicken is one of the many software companies that provides varied financial, investing and estate planning software. The current estate planning software of Quicken goes under the commercial name of Quicken Plus Willmaker.

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Willmaker kits take you through the step by step process of preparing a simple will. Millions of people have used willmaker kits to protect their personal assets from the potential risk of costly court battles. A quick last will and testament download of last will and testament software can provide a cost effective means of creating a simple will that can protect your personal and family assets.

Quicken Willmaker Plus is one product that helps you draft a broad range of documents for estate planning purposes. This last will and testament software includes templates for a will, living will, living trust (or health care directive), power of attorney, directives to your executor, agreements for child care and elder care and other miscellaneous documents such as promissory note forms. The Plus Quicken Willmaker software takes you through an interview style process to prepare a valid legal will and other collateral estate planning documents.

Quicken willmaker can be downloaded from the internet or purchased in a CD-ROM format. It is recommended that a 56 Kpbs modem be used for the download. The quicken willmaker requires an operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 98. The file size of the Plus Quicken will maker is 11264 KB and requires 25 MB to install onto your computer.

It should be noted that the last will and testament download of documents from the quicken will maker are not valid in the state of Louisiana but can be used as valid, legal wills in the other 49 states.

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