Mail Fraud And How To Protect Yourself

Understand and avoid mail fraud in your letter box and e mail fraud inside your computer. Find out how and where to file your mail fraud report.

Anatomy Of A Mail Fraud Scam

* A Federal Offence. Mail fraud shows many of the characteristics common to wire fraud, especially the use of the federal postal or communication systems in order to carry out an attempt to defraud innocent persons.

* What Your US Post Investigates. In a typical mail fraud report, the US Post investigative team catalogues the documents supporting the underlying fraud scheme. The documents will not be used in order to assert mail fraud based on the accuracy of the contents, rather that the intent to defraud can be proven.

* How A Typical Mail Fraud Scam Operates. A mail order fraud case reflects circumstances where the victim (as buyer) has provided money to an alleged seller, say, through the mail or that the underlying order will be fulfilled for delivery via the US Postal Service.

In the event that no delivery ensues, then a case for mail order fraud forms. It's critical that the victim provides mail fraud reporting to her or his local post office officials so that they can turn the matter over to their mail fraud investigative unit, which aggressively pursues convictions where evidence supports such an action.

* Computer And Internet Scams. E mail fraud reflects unauthorized entry into personal or corporate networks, taking over an e mail address and then sending out messages purporting to be from the true owner operator of that e mail account or address.

E mail fraud report typically originates as a request for service or a query regarding outgoing e mail messages. In certain instances an e mail is associated with identity theft. The key to unraveling an e mail fraud is to establish a "back tracking" electronically, where the procedure includes either reading the hard drive of the corrupted PC or via internet "cookies" which record the steps taken and origins of the mail fraud perpetrator.

* How To Avoid E Mail Crimes. To avoid becoming an e mail fraud victim and to ensure potential convictions to those persons who would defraud you, you need to install security system software or utilize encryption software to deflect e mail fraud attacks. The success of e mail fraud depends entirely on commandeering your passwords, logons, PIN numbers, or other access codes which you may have casually left open.

* Getting A Federal Conviction. Mail fraud law convictions are only possible under Federal statutes where the defendant can be shown to have planned to defraud innocent persons by intentionally deceiving or misrepresenting alleged facts in order to obtain money, services or personal data which could be used to victimize.

Furthermore, to establish a clear cut mail fraud conviction, the prosecutors must also prove intent to create fraud. The legal standard regarding obtaining a mail fraud conviction does not include the requirement to show harm or to prove that any person was "ripped off" or lost money or data. In its simplest form mail fraud law is a federally enforced prohibition against using the postal system for any criminal enterprise. Mail fraud criminals, go at your own peril.



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