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AKG C414B XL II C 414B 414 B XLII C414BXLII Condenser Microphone

The C414B-XLII is a perfect example of AKG's continued commitment to developing advanced, high quality personal and professional equipment.

The C 414B-XLII is a versatile and moderately priced microphone made for the professional musician to use in studio or live performance. This tool to express the complexity and nuance of the human voice was produced with ingenuity! Modeled after the classic AKG "C-12" capsule, with the C414B-XLII you can be assured you're getting meticulous detail and the smoothest top ends.

The legendary sound of the C-12 is coupled with many advanced features that will make the final product even better! The C414B-XLII is equipped with a high sensibility but is remarkably low noise at the same time with a high pressure level capability and an amazingly dynamic range. You make it look easy, but the C 414B-XLII is the epitome of simplicity. The C414B-XLII is voiced for easy vocal reproduction, making your life all the more simple. It comes with five switchable polar patterns and is totally immune to electromagnetic and electrostatic interference (from gear, computer monitors, cell phones etc).

Specifications for the C 414B-XLII:

High sensitivity, extreme low noise factor
Immunity to electromagnetic and electrostatic interference
5 switchable polar patterns
low-impedance circuits
Elastic capsule suspension minimizing structures transmitted noises
High pressure sound
2-color LEDS for instant monitoring of patterns and output overload
3 bass cut filters, 3 pre-attenuation pads with LEDs
Voiced (vocal reproductions)

The C 414B-XLII has the basic sonic power of AKG's respected C 414 series but is without a doubt, the next generation. Useful features, improved technical specifications and easy operation show the transformation of a classic into this modern and highly versatile microphone. The C 414B-XLII is capable of handling the rigors of high pressure sound like amplified guitars, all this power and advancement translates into an amazing performance.

AKG website: C414


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