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AKG C 520 L Headworn Condenser Microphone

AKG's C 520 L is a versatile hands-free condenser microphone that features maximum dynamic range, an solid choice for any musician on the move, the C 520 boasts a massive dynamic range for pure vocal sound.

This is the ideal mic for any number of performers with its cardioid polar pattern and a transducer shock mount translate into very little external or mechanical noise having the ability to accompany the musician. The C 520 is head-worn and features a continuously adjustable headband that fits perfectly behind the neck, and a miniature gooseneck provides the user with precise positioning to the mouth.

Quality sound is important for every musician and the C 520 is setting a new standard for nuance and clarity in the world of hands free microphones. The C 520 is versatile and affordable, and with AKG you can be assured you are receiving only the highest quality in equipment. Professional front men, dancers, guitarists, drummers and silly singing keyboardists will adore the C 520 and why not? on top of phenomenal sound, the C 520 offers its user features that are unrivaled in its class.

A few specifications for the AKG C 520:

Head-worn microphone (continuously adjustable behind-the-neck headband)

External shock mount (high mechanical-noise rejection)

Gooseneck for more precise positioning close to the user's mouth

Microphone arm provides choice of left or right-hand use

External phantom powering (MPA V L adapter)

Use with the B 29 L battery power supply, AKG WMS Series bodypack transmitters

The AKG C 520 offers a dynamic range for perfect vocal sound in a hand-free microphone. Ideal for front men, dancers, guitarists and the like, the C 520 sets a new standard in the industry for advancement and high quality at an affordable price. This microphone is versatile and has a goosneck for precise positioning, an adjustable headband and external phantom powering. The AKG C 520 is the advanced design and quality you have come to expect from AKG in a hand-free. The C 520 also has humidity protection, the moisture shield preventing perspiration from penetrating into the transducer element.

AKG website: C520


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