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AKG C555L Head Worn Condenser Microphones

The C555L is a lightweight and versatile headworn microphone designed and produced by the experts at AKG.

The C555L was made with only the finest internal components and is all the while versatile and inexpensive. This quality hands-free microphone is extremely rugged and is perfect for drummers, guitarists, keyboard singers etc.

The AKG C555L was developed for any onstage performance, and is popular among dancing and gymnastics instructors. The C555L is versatile and can be attached to the right or the left side of the head, staying in place comfortably and securely with a behind the neck headband.

The sound of the mic is unbeatable for the price, a built-in transducer shock mount significantly reducing handling noise to an absolute minimum. The C555L has a high degree of humidity protection, perfect for performers on the go. A moisture shield ensures that when your on the move and working up a sweat, perspiration will not be penetrating the transducer element.

This hands-free microphone is the only version available that can be utilized with the B 29 power supply, MPA V L adapter for external phantom powering(bought separately) or AKG's WMS series bodypack transmitter.
Warranty void if used with any other power supply than those recommended by AKG.
Features of the C555 L:

Head-worn microphone w/continuously adjustable behind-the-neck

Moisture shield

Optimum audio and intelligibility even at high ambient noise levels


Microphone arm provides choice of left or right-hand use

Polar pattern: cardioid

Frequency range: 80 Hz to 20 kHz

The C555 L is a rugged and inexpensive professional-grade headworn microphone designed and developed by the industry leaders at AKG. This hands-free mic is ideal for onstage performance and boasts some of the cleanest sound around. A transducer shock mount ensures handling noise is at a minimum and a moisture shield prevents perspiration from affecting the transducer element.

AKG website: C555


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