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AKG CK93 Hypercardioid Microphone Capsule Blue Line Series

The CK 93 is a hyper-cardioid capsule that has signal characteristics that give the CK93 microphone amazing versatility allowing use with a variety of applications.

The CK93 is part of AKG's classic Blue Line series, a family of high quality, small diaphragm condenser microphones. Of modular construction, these system microphones are extremely flexible and has the ability to interchange capsules of different features almost instantaneously with its unique snap-on attachments.

The mini-capsule features a flat wide frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz which allows smooth and highly on point signal reproduction without coloration. Minimize ambient noise! The hyper-cardioid polar pattern of the CK93 provides a narrow pick up area in the direct sections of the capsule, the result attenuates audio at off axis sections of the CK93 capsule and makes for a perfect vocal or instrumental sound. These sophisticated advancements also reduce feedback caused by external speakers & other equipment.

Numerous accessories and 8 differing capsules are available for the CK93. The one basic powering output module prevents distortion and clipping problems. The switchable low frequency roll off and switchable pad of the SE-300-B makes the CK93's sound smooth and finished. Features:

Hyper-Cardioid Polar Pattern-The hyper-cardioid polar pattern is effective in providing a narrow pick up area at direct sections of capsule.

Multiple directional capsules and configurations available on a standard powering/output module

Positive-action Modulock¬ô bayonet capsule mounting system

Flat Frequency Response- Miniature capsule featuring a flat wide frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz allows smooth signal reproduction w/o coloration.

Capsule designs employ gold diaphragms

High sensitivity

High acoustic level capability

The CK93 is a part of AKG's Blue Line series, a series of high quality small diaphragm condenser microphones. Similar to the CK91, the CK93 provides additional attenuation of 120 degree off-axis sound, perfect for live performance or studio recording as feedback suppression is essential. This microphone is amazingly advanced and versatile, while at the same time rugged and inexpensive. Many accessories are available for the CK93 and eight interchangeable/differing capsules.

AKG website: CK93


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