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AKG D 5 and D5S Supercardioid Handheld Dynamic Microphone

The AKG D 5 is a sophisticated microphone, particularly developed for lead and backing vocals.

The D 5 makes onstage performance trouble-free! The wide super cardioid polar pattern minimizes feedback issues, effectively rejecting signals that do not come from directly in front of the microphone capsule.

This results in sound response that is both clear and natural for every voice. When your performing on a noisy stage its always best to rely on excellence! AKG has been developing professional equipment since 1947 and produced the first dynamic cardioid microphone in 1953. With a history of high quality craftsmanship and innovation like theirs you cant go wrong.

The D 5 and D 5S microphone is dynamic and rugged. The first to create a microphone diaphragm whose thickness varies across its diameter, AKG is at the forefront of design. The new Laminated Varimotion diaphragm has a deep-drawing process thus allowing the mic to have a diaphragm that is in itself fine-tuned without extra tuning resonators. A giant step towards a more perfect audio performance.

Extremely rugged vocal/speech microphone

Spring steel wire-mesh grill

Available with or without on/off switch

Patented AKG Laminated Varimotion diaphragm

Available versions:
D 5: for standard applications
D 5 S: on/off switch.
D 5 WL 1: D 5 microphone element with threaded connection for use with AKG wireless systems.

AKG's D5 is a dynamic and rugged piece of equipment. Developed solely for the ideal lead vocals or background vocals, the D5 blocks out nearly all noise coming from anywhere but in front of the mic. Super cardioid polar patterning ensures the best sound, the only sound that it should, the voice. A dual shock mount eliminates any mechanical noise, so your covered in live performances.

AKG website: D 5


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