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AKG D7 - Supercardioid Vocal Dynamic Microphone

The D7 is AKG's new reference dynamic microphone is a top of the line studio recording and live performance mic.

The D7 delivers amazing sound in any environment! The subtle and clear sound in all frequencies that you would expect a condenser microphone coupled with all the powerful resonance of a dynamic mic make the D7 reference microphone the creme de la creme of the sound world.

The new Laminated Varimotion diaphragm has a deep-drawing process, allowing the diaphragm itself to be fine tuned without the hassle of extra tuning resonators. The Laminated Varimotion feature is bringing microphone sound to a new level of advancement in technology. The sound is perfect in all sorts of conditions and sound volume. Feel comfortable on stage! The D7 has an integrated high-pass filter that simply eliminates all handling noise, it also has a new acoustical designed inner windscreen. A metal dust filter provides a constant objection to the diaphragm.


Dynamic reference microphone
Hum compensation coil
Patented AKG Laminated-Varimotion diaphragm
New acoustical design of inner windscreen
Precision metal dust filter
Polar pattern Supercardioid
Frequency range 70 to 20,000 Hz
Die-cast metal body

The AKG D7 reference dynamic microphone has the best of two worlds, the clarity in all frequencies of a condenser mic along with the powerful resonance of the dynamic mic. The D7 is a sophisticated sound tool, making the only sound heard, the true sound of your voice. An integrated high pass filter blokes out handling noise and the new acoustical inner windscreen blocks out all the more.

Feel comfortable on stage or in studio with the D7. AKG is a trusted industry leader in quality design and craftsmanship, the sophistication and ruggedness of the AKG D7 is a prime example of this excellence in reputation and design. With the D7 you receive an extra level of tuning. The Laminated Varimotion has a deep-drawing technology, so you spend no extra time tuning but have a better sound.

AKG website: D 7


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