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AKG D 77 S Dynamic Handheld Microphone

The D77 S is a durable dynamic microphone designed and created by the industry leaders at AKG.

An affordable and powerful option for background vocals or instruments. The D77S is the ideal microphone for those musicians new to miking. If your new to the scene, you know how many options there are for beginners.

The D77S handheld microphone is ideal in this situation! Get the power and advancement that AKG is known for in an inexpensive and easy to use high powered handheld mic. The D77S is versatile, as you ease in to using a mic, the D77S will move with you and is rugged enough to last. A rugged mesh cap, internal protective basket along with a sturdy die-cast metal body ensures you will have this microphone for a longtime. You need equipment you can count on, since 1953 when AKG came out with the first ever dynamic cardioid microphone, they've been bringing the industry of quality sound to another level of expertise, you can be sure AKG delivers the best sound around.

The D77S is perfect for PA use, karaoke or high-fi recording. Its cardioid polar patterning will makes any miking situation a breeze, minimizing external and handling sound to a minimum. The D77S comes equipped with a 16' XLR cable and stand adapter and has a frequency range of 40Hz-20kHz with 2.5 mV/Pa sensitivity. The D77S is a rugged performance microphone that can handle most any performers needs. The best mic on the market for a beginner, the D77S can also handle without any problem, the demands of the stage. It was developed for instrument and backup vocals!

Some features of the D77S:

High-value general purpose dynamic microphone
Ideal for PA use, karaoke, or hi-fi recording
Rugged, dent-resistant metal grille with internal pop filter
Designed for backup vocals and instruments
On/off switch
Sturdy die-cast metal body
Includes 16.5' XLR cable, stand adapter, and carrying case
Weight: 2.59 lbs

The D77S by AKG dynamic handheld microphone is a versatile and inexpensive alternative to other similar mics of its class. The D77S is high quality and rugged. Designed for backup vocals and instruments, the D77S is capable of handling most any miking situation onstage and off. Cardioid polar patterning, the D77S ensures quality sound resonance. The D77S is surely the best of its class.

AKG website: D 77


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