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AKG D88S Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal Microphone

The D88 S by AKG is a rugged, dynamic, pro-quality handheld microphone designed for lead vocals in live performance settings.

Sporting a super cardioid polar pattern, this mic is guaranteed to give singers the utmost gain before feedback possible, making vocals cut through mixes with more clarity. The D88 S’s heavy duty die-cast metal body can take the abuse of singers who’s self-expression is oft at odds with the better interests of delicate stage equipment so you can rest assured the D88 S will be coming back for show after show.

The rugged wire mesh cap features an internal protective basket so even after hundreds of shows, when the mesh gets all dented and it looks like there’s no way it could still sound good, the D88 S will still deliver that crisp and clean sound it did when it was brand new. The on/off switch is convenient for singing when you want and only when you want, or for those magical moments when you can’t understand why no sound is coming out - you’ve tried everything, and suddenly you realize that you just forgot to turn the mic on. The D88 S is available complete with an SA 44 stand adapter and either a 16 foot (5 m) XLR/XLR cable or a 16 foot (5 m) XLR/ ¼” jack cable. Even choose your favorite color way: black or black.

Here’s everything you get with the D88 S:

• Rugged performance microphone designed for lead vocals
• Available with XLR/XLR cable or XLR/jack cable
• On/off switch
• Rugged wire mesh cap with internal protective basket
• Sturdy die-cast metal body
• Complete with stand adapter

MC’s and singers who in need of the consistent and dependable, quality sound of recording studio equipment in a live performance role, AKG brings you the D88 S. You won’t find another microphone that fulfills all these expectations with the same level of attention to detail that AKG has given. From the internal wiring and engineering to the stealth, non-descript styling, the focus will be on your performance, not your gear.

AKG website: Handheld Microphones


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