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AKG Perception 120 All Purpose Condenser Microphone

The Perception 120 by AKG is a true, 2/3” diaphragm condenser microphone offering a solid industrial build and rugged professional quality to the creation of outstanding performances and all at an excellent value anyone can afford.

Featuring a low-mass diaphragm, the Perception 120 delivers clear and crisp sound with incredibly accurate sonic detail. The switchable 20 dB preattentuation pad and bass cut filter make this microphone and excellent choice for professional vocalists in both live and studio recording applications.

Designed with a wide range of general-purpose applications and recording uses in mind, the Perception 120 employs a carodioid polar pattern in order to give musicians the highest possible gain before feedback achievable. Whether you’re wailing riffs on guitar, screaming vocals or gently rolling out a delicate composition, the Perception 120 will bring it together.

That’s because the extended frequency response of this mic recognizes and picks up the subtler aspects of your music, emphasizing your unique style and character, whatever it may be. And every serious musician knows that no matter what genre you’re catering to, it’s the subtle elements of a song that make it really hit home. But reliability is a huge factor too and the Perception 120’s industrial construction and rugged design makes it a very roadworthy piece of equipment.

Here’s what you get with the Perception 120:

• General-purpose cardioid recording microphone
• Extended frequency response
• Roadworthy construction
• Switchable 20 dB preattenuation pad
• Switchable bass cut filter
• Designed and engineered by AKG in Vienna, Austria
• Included AKG stand adapter

AKG comes to the table with six decades of professional microphone manufacturing experience and a legacy of unbeatable recording and performance equipment to prove it. This same level of pro-quality components and sound engineering technology, meshed with an affordable package shows no better than in products like the Perception series line of microphones. No one makes more reliable microphones than AKG and the Perception 120 is at the heart of that tradition bringing studio quality to musicians an project studio applications.

AKG website: Perception Series Microphones


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