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AKG Perception 170 Condenser Microphone

The Perception 170 by AKG is a professional small-diaphragm, true condenser microphone offering outstanding build, sound quality, and an excellent value all in one.

This microphone’s lightweight diaphragm delivers outstanding transient response and clarity, easily conforming to the stringent standards AKG defines for its recording products. No one sets their sights higher than AKG and it shows in the Perception 170.

Six decades of professional microphone manufacturing went into the design and production of microphones like the Perception 170. Input from sound engineers, musicians, recording and performing artists contributed to the legacy left by AKG and it resulted in technological breakthroughs that bring studio quality sound to project studio and all other areas of recording.

The Perception 170’s ½” small-diaphragm true condenser transducer makes it a powerful yet sporty addition to any recording setup. The switchable 20 dB preattentuation pad enables this microphone to be used up close to sound sources an instruments in order to deliver up to 155 dB SPL. Meanwhile the heavy-duty, all-metal chassis and body of the Perception 170, with its reliable gold-plated XLR output make this an excellent choice for a range of live applications as well.

Features of the Perception 170:

• Professional small-diaphragm, true condenser cardioid microphone
• Switchable 20 dB preattenuation pad
• Heavy-duty, roadworthy, all-metal construction
• AKG sound quality
• Designed and engineered in Vienna, Austria for studio, acoustic, and ensemble, A/B and X/Y stereo mic-ing and recording

AKG never disappoints when it comes to pro-quality microphones and recording products. The Perception 170 and the Perception series of mic’s are 100% in keeping with this tradition. If you’re looking to amplify, record and perform with the best sound quality your dollar can buy, the Perception 170 is, pound for pound the best option available. It should come as no surprise of course as AKG has been doing the same thing for over 60 years. Why should they change now?

AKG website: Perception Series Microphones


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