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AKG WMS 40 PRO Dual Vocal Wireless Microphone System

The WMS 40 PRO dual vocal wireless microphone system provides simultaneous UHF wireless operation of 2 mic’s at an affordable, cost-effective price.

AKG has a reputation as an industry standard in high quality wireless microphone systems, meshing high-quality audio with affordability and accessibility. AKG’s wireless microphone systems (WMS) include several lines of products for all scales of musical projects, from small club gigs to stadium concerts. Each system is expandable for multiple-channel operation, offering the best-in-class frequency response and dynamic range currently available.

Each of the WMS 40 PRO vocal systems shares the same brilliant sound and ease of use. Featuring unique HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology, the WMS 40 ensures the best possible sound quality.

The durable handheld transmitter operates for 30 hours on a single AA battery and features a soft touch finish and is extremely easy to use fulfilling the highest aesthetic requirements. The WMS 40 PRO dual vocal system comes with either handheld or belt-pack transmitters including the SR40 dual receiver and dual HT40 PRO handheld transmitters. The SR40 dual hosts two receivers in a single, all-metal case minimizing the space requirements and increasing roadworthiness. Multi-channel capability allows for the simultaneous use of up to seven channels.

When it comes to producing the music industry’s finest wireless microphone systems, no one comes close to AKG’s level of user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. Everything about this system is tailored with the goal of making the on stage experience more convenient, less stressful and ultimately, the best it can be. Wireless systems are meant to reduce the amount of frustrating connections and time-consuming processes of hooking up a bunch of microphones. By going wireless, these potentially costly hang-ups can be eliminated all together, and with AKG’s WMS, expanding to add more transmitters is easy and inexpensive in even the most demanding performance applications. Next time you catch your favorite musician using a wireless mic system don’t be surprised if it turns out they’re using AKG.

AKG website: Wireless Microphone Systems


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