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Audio-Technica AT822 OnePoint X/Y Stereo DAT Microphone

Solid high-performance sonic engineering is the Audio-Technica legacy. Look no further than to the AT822 OnePoint® for an excellent X/Y Stereo Mic for recording in DAT, television, FM and field applications.

The AT822 OnePoint – Have Confidence…It’s Audio-Technica.

Here’s DAT baby: AT822 OnePoint®, a sleek little, superior-quality X/Y Stereo DAT Mic you can count on. It’s built by Audio-Technica, the standard-bearer of consistently, well-engineered microphones, preferred by major broadcasters of music and sports events and for critical government installations. (See Audio Technica)

AT822 OnePoint® Mic - Perfect Partner to Your Audio & Video

Audio-Technica has provided the AT822 OnePoint® X/Y DAT Microphone with unbalanced outputs for ready access to your audio or video equipment. Excellent for recording in Stereo or, just the mono condenser you need in certain circumstances. Have it with you at all times for on-location recording and stellar sound delivery.

Sweet, Neat & Complete – AT822 OnePoint®

The Audio-Technica AT822 OnePoint® is lightweight and compact, an ideal traveling and camera-mount Mic. Used in the field, the elements of this X/Y Stereo Microphone are closely matched to provide the spatial impact and realism of live sound.

Get Great Channel Separation with AT822

AT822 OnePoint® X/Y Stereo Mic is battery operated only. It’s built for channel separation and has switchable low-frequency roll-off. Here are some Audio-Technica specs to pay attention to:

Elements: Fixed-charge back plate permanently polarized condenser
Polar Pattern: X/Y Stereo
Frequency Response: 30-20,000 Hz
Low Frequency Roll-Off: 150 Hz, 6 dB/octave
Open Circuit Sensitivity: -45 dB (5.6 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa*
Channel Balance: ≤2.5 dB
Battery Type: 1.5V AA/UM3
WARNING: the at822 is designed for battery operation only. Do not attempt to use when phantom power is present. Possible damage to microphone may result.

Cables Included:
1.7’ (0.5 m) long stereo cable
10.0’ (3.0 mm) stereo cable
Two 3.5 mm mono mini plugs with 1/4" phone plug adapters at output end

Get your source and your story…live…with AT822, Audio-Technica’s OnePoint® X/Y Stereo DAT Microphone…no jive.

Audio Technica website:Microphones


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