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Audio Technica ATR30 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal/Instrument Microphone

Audio-Technica pulled no punches when they built the ATR30, a mic made for heavy professional use, constant handling and a very moderate price. This microphone is of rugged metal construction, and produces rich Vocal and Instrumental sound.

ATR30 – Built to Take It and Give it Back!

Get good clear Vocals and Instrumentals, with ATR30’s Cardioid polar pattern. It’s specifically designed to target the sound you want and block out the sound you don’t. Audio-Technica are the microphone masters, so the capacity for isolation of your intended sound source and reduction of side and rear sound pickup are right on.

ATR30’s on/off switch is intuitively located for convenience, giving the performer fast and easy control. Audio-Technica’s Cardioid Dynamic Mic, meant for Vocals and Instruments, is priced to beat the band, you’ll want more than one for rehearsing, touring and just general back up.

Audio-Technica knows how to get up close and personal with the attractively priced ATR30. This Dynamic Cardioid Vocal/Instrument Mic has a smooth proximity effect and presence of warmth when used close up and tight.

Solid and reliable, the ATR30 won’t steer you wrong, or let you down. It carries the Audio-Technica name for surefire sound production – a Cardioid Dynamic you can count on, a true pro’s Mic and musician’s friend.

ATR30…It’s Got What You Need

Audio-Technica concentrates on sound delivery, and they made the ATR30 durable for mobilizing your career. You supply the talent; they supply a stand clamp and detachable 16.5’ (5 m) cable (XLR to ¼” (6.35 mm) phone plug).

Speculate the Audio-Technica ATR30 Specs:

ELEMENT: Moving coil dynamic



OPEN CIRCUIT SENSITIVITY: -57 dBm +/- 3 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa

IMPEDANCE: 500 ohms +/- 30%

WEIGHT: 10.0 oz (284 g) without cable

Whether you take the show on the road or practice in the garage, rock it through an ATR30, the Audio-Technica Cardioid Dynamic for reliable, consistent Vocal/Instrumental reinforcement - a tough Mic for a full sound.

Audio Technica website:Microphones


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