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Audio Technica ATR50 Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal/Instrument Microphone

Audio-Technica, masters at Microphone manufacturing, give musicians a break with ATR50. Marketed at today’s down to earth prices ($33-$50), this Dynamic Unidirectional Vocal / Instrument mic will weather your career with professional sound production you can count on.

ATR50 Vocal / Instrument Mic Fits the Bill – Anywhere You Play

A dynamite Dynamic that reduces off-axis sounds; the ATR50 is a true performer’s pal for Vocalists and Instrumentalists. It uses a Unidirectional polar pattern to pinpoint sound from the desired location, while controlling feedback with an enhanced low end response. - perfect up close and personal.

Audio-Technica’s rugged metal construction toughens up the ATR50 for travel. Its Unidirectional Dynamic design makes it versatile, so you can take stage and steal focus – onstage or at a karaoke lounge.

The ATR50 Unidirectional Dynamic gives the performer an easy-access on/off switch. This Vocal / Instrument Mic conveys the warmth and richness characteristic of Audio-Technica’s trademark proximity effect when used in close range.

Career savvy players and singers alike prefer Audio-Technica for professional performing. The attractive price of the ATR50 Unidirectional Dynamic Mic includes a stand clamp and detachable 15’ (4.6 m) cable (XLRF to XLRM) making it the popular choice of budget-conscious bands looking to have two or more on hand.

Audio-Technica provides the following specifications for the Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal/Instrument Microphone:

ELEMENT: Moving Coil Dynamic
POLAR PATTERN: Unidirectional
OPEN CIRCUIT SENSITIVITY: -55 dBm +/- 3 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
IMPEDANCE: 500 ohms +/- 30%
WEIGHT: 9.5 oz (270 g) without cable
CABLE: 15.0' (4.6 m)

Audio-Technica has established a global reputation for reliable, high-performance mics, which are found worldwide in daily broadcasting and recording applications. The ATR50 Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal / Instrument Mic, is but one more example of exceptional a-t sound production. Find excellent support and background information on use, construction and basic microphone care and maintenance at user-friendly

Audio Technica website:Microphones


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