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Behringer ULTRALINK UL2000 High-Performance UHF True Diversity Wireless Headset System

The high-performance Behringer ULTRALINK UL2000 provides wireless microphone capability with a huge range of available frequencies. No matter where you are, you’ll have the power to move around without being restrained by cables.

The key to a stellar performance is getting your audience involved. With the UL2000, you can move around a stage, involve your audience and give the show of a lifetime!

Why Choose The Behringer ULTRALINK UL2000

While performing, it is understandable to want to move around and interact with your audience. In any setting, the Behringer ULTRALINK UL2000 gives you room to roam.

Simply tuck the receiver box out of the way, clip the hand-held receiver to your belt, strap on the headset and you’re ready to go. There are 320 frequencies available ensuring you’ll always have a strong signal. Eliminate lost feed with this powerful system.

Behringer ULTRALINK UL2000 Wireless Headset System’s Impressive Features

The Behringer UL2000 Wireless Headset System is packed with features that ensure a flawless performance every time.

3 presets
320 frequencies
Capacity to run 20 wireless systems at once
Color coded strips for matching equipment
Complies with ETSI guidelines
Headset microphone
Internal switch-mode power supply
IRC compander for great dynamics and low noise
Lockout function
Low battery indicator
Minimal power consumption saves energy
Mounting rack for receiver included
Mute function
Panasonic condenser transducer
Scan function finds open frequency
Ultra-wide audio bandwidth

Once you’ve found a great wireless signal, you can lock it in for your performance. This is a handy feature that you’ll be grateful you have!

Behringer ULTRALINK UL2000 Secures A Perfect Performance

Turn your stage performance into a memorable event by eliminating the possibility of tangled wires. The Ultralink UL2000 is comfortable and permits you to move around as much as you’d like. If you want to dance and sing at the same time, you’ll find it easy with Behringer’s handy and durable wireless microphone.

Behringer website: Microphones


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